Water footprint of food.Water Footprint of Common Foods

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One drop in the illustration = 50 liters of virtual water

The water footprint of a product (a commodity, good or service) is the volume of freshwater used to produce the product, measured at the place where the product was actually made. I refers to the amount of ater used in the various steps of the production chain.

Beef (grain-fed): 4650 L water for 1 steak (300 g)

Milk: 1000 L/L of milk

Cheese: 2500 L/lb (500 g)

Barley: 650 L/lb

Wheat: 650 L/lb

Sorghum: 1400 L/lb

Millet: 2500 L/lb

Tea: 90 L/pot (750 mL)

Coffee: 840 L/pot

Burger: 2500 L/burger (150 g beef)

Source of stats: WaterFootprint.org

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*NOTE: Chocolate has an even higher water footprint than beef, at 24,000 L/kg (compared to beef’s 15,500 L/kg).