“In testing done by Baylor University biologists monitoring a Denton, Texas, creek, male minnows were found to have mutated in the presence of birth control medications discharged by a wastewater plant. As the nation’s use of Prozac doubled since 2000, to be consumed by fifty-four million people, more than half of all streams and rivers tested by the United States Geological Survey show residues of this antidepressant drug, which is affecting growth and reproduction in clams, mussels, and fish. At the University of Georgia, environmental health professor Marsha Black discovered that Prozac affects fish in Georgia and Mississippi rivers at extremely low concentrations, less than one part per billion, which is about like an aspirin in a tank of one million gallons of water. Nearly half of drug-exposed fish were dying prematurely, others were growth-stunted or mutated, and still more swam around in circles endlessly in disoriented confusion.”

Fitzgerald, Randall (2006-06-22). The Hundred-Year Lie: How to Protect Yourself from the Chemicals That Are Destroying Your Health (pp. 152-153). Plume. Kindle Edition.