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During the summer of 2005 clinics in London began reporting an up-surge in the numbers of men seeking breast reduction surgery. In just a year clinics throughout the city had more than doubled their male clientele for breast reduction treatment. “Hormones contained in the food we eat may be one of the reasons for the increase,” speculated Yannis Alexandrides, a London surgeon who told The Sunday Times that he now performs one male breast reduction surgery a week, compared to one a month just a few years earlier. Other physicians told the newspaper they suspected that female hormones from contraceptive pills, flushed through sewage systems and recycled into tap water, could be the culprit in demasculinizing so many grown men.

Among eight-year-old girls in the United States, Britain, and Australia, one out of every six has already entered puberty, with breast growth, pubic hair, and even menstruation. Just a generation ago only one out of every one hundred eight-year-old girls had entered puberty, whereas today nearly two out of every one hundred girls are showing sexual development at three years of age! This phenomenon has come to be known as “precocious puberty.” A study in the journal Nature determined that the onset of puberty before age ten more than doubles a female’s chances of breast cancer and ovarian cancer later in life.

What is equally astounding to me are the elaborate rationalizations embraced by many Western physicians and the medical establishment to explain these extraordinarily rapid changes in sexual development. They claim that precocious puberty is nothing more than a natural by-product of improved nutrition. They try to reassure parents that their daughters’ experience of “raging hormones” and menstruation at age eight shouldn’t be a cause for concern because it is now considered normal for puberty to begin at that age. What they are confessing is that synthetic chemicals are redefining what it means to be normal.


PCBs, DDT, dioxin, and dozens more synthetic toxins are stored in the fatty tissues of fish and other animals and then passed on to the humans who consume them. “These persistent chemicals fake their way into the endocrine system, masquerading as hormones,” write the three authors of the book Affluenza. “It’s a deadly case of miscommunication. When hormones, our chemical messengers, are released or suppressed at the wrong time in the wrong amounts, life gets bent out of shape.”

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