Quoted from The Hundred Year Lie:

An ancient legacy of naturally occurring health and healing is based on thousands of years of human experience with wisdom traditions that follow the principles of nature. These natural cures are being affirmed by Western medicine in laboratory experiments that show them to be more effective, less costly, and less toxic than most pharmaceutical drugs.


Western medicine’s obsession with magic bullets, attempting to isolate single active molecules as healing triggers, misses an entire range of extraordinary therapeutic gifts available in nature. The applications of synergistic principles for healing by so-called primitive cultures have been ignored or treated with ridicule.


Former Harvard Botanical Museum researcher Andrew Weil laments how in the West “science and medicine have separated themselves from nature and separated us from nature.” Healing is a natural process, “and if you want to understand healing and how to make people better, you must understand the ways of nature. The message that’s not overtly stated but is between the lines [of modern Western medicine] is that nature is fundamentally wild, dangerous, and unpredictable. It’s out to get you, whereas the products of pharmaceutical laboratories are safe. That message is especially annoying because it’s actually the other way around, and I say that as a doctor who often has to deal with the casualties of pharmaceutical science.


Synergistic principles used by traditional medicine from China and India don’t target herbs for a given disease or malady, as happens with the magic bullet approach of Western pharmaceutical companies. Instead, a mixture of herbs is designed to energize and stimulate the entire body while facilitating the immune system to do its job more effectively. An example of a natural synergy harnessed to combat a major disease is Carctol, a mixture of eight medicinal herbs from traditional Hindu medicine that is being used to help people rid themselves of cancer. A study of 1,900 Indian cancer patients who took the mixture found that 75 percent experienced benefits, defined as more energy, weight gain, calmness, and tumor shrinkage.

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