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Quoted from The Hundred-Year Lie:

Since the start of the Hundred-Year Lie in 1906, the year the U.S. Congress enacted the Pure Food and Drug Act, we have a century of false and misleading guarantees from which to draw lessons. Here are the ones I draw from the research contained in this book and the patterns that emerged as a consequence of one hundred years of mythmaking.

  • We can inherit harm. Toxic synthetic chemicals can negatively alter our DNA to program us and our descendants to experience illness and disease.
  • Synthetic chemicals take advantage of nutrient-poor diets to damage our immune systems, which facilitates the onset of illness and disease. 
  • Some synthetic chemicals interact with each other to produce toxic synergies that activate our genetic predisposition to illness and disease.
  • Synthetic chemicals can create toxic synergies to trigger the development of “new” illnesses and diseases, such as chronic fatigue syndrome and Gulf War syndrome.
  • Drugs being prescribed for the illnesses and diseases caused by synthetic chemicals are introducing more toxins into the body, further confusing and compromising our immune systems. 
  • Human bodies weren’t designed to absorb synthetic chemicals, even at low doses, throughout a lifetime, without harm being inflicted. 
  • Our best hope for health and longevity is to embrace naturally occurring synergies found in the foods and medicines of nature. Our rediscovery of ancient wisdom can rescue us from the follies of this failed experiment with our biochemical nature.

Fitzgerald, Randall (2006-06-22). The Hundred-Year Lie: How to Protect Yourself from the Chemicals That Are Destroying Your Health (pp. 218-219). Plume. Kindle Edition.