Quoted from The Hundred-Year Lie:

Merely by choosing a diet of pure foods and a lifestyle free of synethics, we can detoxify ourselves and initiate the healing of many degenerative illnesses and diseases.

Whether you will put this lesson into practice is entirely dependent on your conscience and your willpower. We have all been complicit in perpetuating the Hundred-Year Lie, and some of us have personally profited from it. But given the trends detailed in this book, if the current system remains intact, we must ask what form of human being will be left to reflect on the fruits of the belief system?

We can either free ourselves of the Hundred-Year Lie, or we can choose by our inaction to continue buying into the myth. The decision is upon us. We no longer have the luxury of postponing it. If hundreds of millions of us make the choice to stop supporting the lie with our money and our lives, that unity can set in motion changes with the potential to make life and health on this planet once again sustainable.

Randall Fitzgerald, The Hundred-Year Lie, pg. 237.