Randall Fitzgerald’s 9 steps to reduce toxin intake and detox:

  1. Study the labels on every product you buy.
  2. Replace Home Pesticides–A wide range of natural, nontoxic remedies exists for common household pests. The neem tree from India provides a natural insecticide for plant and gardens, while oil of peppermint spray works for ant, and baking soda mixed with powdered sugar helps to repel cockroaches.”
  3. Drink Wheatgrass Juice–To hep strengthen your immune system and cleanse your body of chemical toxins, drink wheatgrass juice every day, or at least whenever you can.”
  4. Do Intermittent Fasting—By eating only every other day, or, at the very least, doing a juice fast one day a week, you stress the cells of your body in a manner that aids its secretion of chemical toxins from body tissues and organs. Periodic fasting will also help you recognize the range and severity of your food dependencies.”
  5. Detox with Saunas–When combined with vigorous exercise, saunas can aid your body in squeezing out in sweat the more deeply embedded chemical toxins. Ideally, find a “far infrared sauna” to use, which creates less heat than conventional saunas but produces twice the sweat volume. Natural, not synthetic, mineral supplements, such as niacin, calcium, zinc, and magnesium, should be considered after each sauna use if you aren’t consuming wheatgrass regularly.”
  6. Eat organic foods.
  7. Choose Nutritious Organics–Consuming these raw foods three or more times a week will support your liver’s detox functions and produce immune agent in your body to fight infection: broccoli, garlic, spinach, cabbage, sprouts, blueberries, ginger, and curcumin.”
  8. Compile a personal toxins list from what you consume every day in foods, medications, and body-care products. Post the list somewhere you’ll see it everyday and make a conscious effort to limit your intake.
  9. Read and sign the Declaration of Interdependence at http://www.hundredyearlie.com.