“After a half century and an estimated one million baby deaths worldwide, the mystery of sudden infant death syndrome has confounded pediatricians and health-care specialists. Now a chemist in New Zealand, Jim Sprott, makes a persuasive case that crib death is caused by toxic gases created by a synergy of chemicals, such as fire retardant, added to mattresses during their manufacture. A fungus that commonly grows in bedding may interact with the synthetic chemicals and heat, and create enough gas to asphyxiate babies, whose bodies are much more susceptible than children’s or adults’. Since the late 1990s midwives and other health-care professionals have encouraged mothers to wrap baby mattresses in airtight protective coverings. Since this campaign began, the crib-death rate in New Zealand has fallen by 48 percent, according to health authorities.”

Randall Fitzgerald, The Hundred-Year Lie, pg. 38