“For decades, the scientific and medical community has accepted that a certain amount of pollution and disease is just the price we have to pay for modern life. This is called the ‘risk paradigm,’ and it essentially means that it is society’s burden to prove that new technologies and industrial processes are harmful, usually one chemical or technology at a time. The risk paradigm assumes that there are ‘acceptable’ levels of contamination the earth and our bodies can assimilate. It also allows a small, self-interested elite to set these levels, undistracted by the ‘irrational’ fears and demands of the public. The ‘science’ behind it is driven by large commercial interests and can hardly be considered impartial or in the public interest. Viewed with any distance at all, the risk paradigm is at best a high-stakes game of biological roulette with all the chambers loaded.”

Kenny Ausubel, Ecological Medicine, qtd. in The Hundred-Year Lie by Randall Fitzgerald, pg. 31.