“By cornering the global seed market, the [chemical] companies apparently plan to insure that farmers the world over are dependent on their seeds, as well as their fertilizers and pesticides.

‘Obviously they’re being damn quiet about it,’ says an industry official. ‘But some of those high yield seeds require particular applications of fertilizers and pesticides to produce their high yields.'”

Now that the chemical companies have entered the seed business, they hold the enviable economic position of helping to aggravate the (pest) problem for which they also offer their (chemical) cure. If the chemical industry’s monopolization of the world’s seed stock is successful, we will be one critical step closer to the ultimate corporate vision of the global supermarket, where every grower in the world is hooked on patented seeds and the pesticides they require.”

Circle of Poison, David Weir and Mark Schapiro, 1981, pg. 44-45.