Many of us living today will need to relearn skills that have been lost during our parents’ generation. These traditional practices of a less technological world were abandoned and not passed down in the wake of the green revolution, rising consumerism, and shifting gender roles. Now we must turn back to them in a radical effort to rebuild a sustainable planet.

Some of the skills we will need to relearn:

  • How to cook from scratch with whole foods.
  • How to live with and heal from illness without grabbing a medicine bottle.
  • How to deal with pain without pills.
  • How to clean a house without synthetic chemicals.
  • How to make household cleaners, dish soap, and laundry soap.
  • How to make body care products like shampoo and lotion.
  • How to dry clothes on the line — even in cold, wet weather.
  • How to grow an edible garden.
  • How to breastfeed one’s babies (through the second year!).
  • How to sew and make clothing.