Feministe recently published an article confronting Christopher Hitchen’s sexist claim that men are funnier than women. A comment on the article arguing that Hitchens wasn’t being sexist was followed by a skillful retort from another commenter. (The original comment follows the bright response below:)


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Actually, you are, because bigotry is based on the observations in a sampling of a population and then applying it to the entire group. In the [sic] case, Hitchens, and you, are using your anecdotal observations, ie, the funniness observed in men and women, to come to a conclusion you express as fact. It’s lazy thinking to assume that your personal experiences extrapolate to entire populations; and often satisfaction with that kind of lazy thinking then becomes the foundation for bigoted stereotypes that people express and defend; some even blame and complain about “political correctness” as the problem, as if reconsidering a stereotype is like losing a prized possession (and for many, it may very well be).
As for the article, great work again from this writer.

The original comment:

billy williams

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I don’t see how you can call him a sexist.I’ve noticed through my life that the majority of those who are funny are men.Sure,There are some funny women but the majority of people i’ve noticed are male,Not because of something in women that makes them less funny,It’s just i guess a coincidence & i don’t think you’re a sexist for pointing that out.
R.I.P. Christopher!