Pepsi’s Frequently Asked Questions database lets you select from a list of questions, including one carefully worded one about bisphenol a (BPA). Both the question and the answer specify that there is no BPA in Pepsi’s “plastic bottles,” ignoring Pepsi’s aluminum cans altogether. (Most aluminum can linings contain BPA.) There is no mention of cans at all, and there are no other questions relating to cans or BPA on the FAQ page.

It’s a skillful evasion of the real issue of BPA in can linings. No one was worried about BPA in soda bottles because they are made with plastics #1 or #2, neither of which contain BPA (although #1 contains phthalates, another group of endocrine disruptors).

The real question is, do Pepsi’s cans contain BPA? They’ve claimed never to have used BPA, but after seeing this strangely specific wording on their site, I have serious doubts.