“Each of us has to daily ask a question: ‘Where am I complicit in a war against the earth?’ Where are my daily actions part of a devastation of the planet, and with it a devastation of the lives of people, because the two go hand in hand. A war against the earth is a a war against people. Peace with the earth is peace among people. Getting rid of the inequalities, the violence, the exclusions.

“And I realized that food is a place where we can all begin. Food is a place which is so loaded with dishonesty, and [this] is what keeps a false economy of food alive: The subsidies that go to industrial agriculture…. A high-cost system which uses a lot of wealth of society, then uses our wealth to cheat on the prices and make costly food look cheap. So our choices are distorted. We go and eat the junk food, that then creates the high cost of disease, the high cost of obesity, the high cost of diabetes at an early stage — the high cost of environmental devastation.

“And so we need an honest system, and we can begin by creating that honesty and that peace by relating more directly to the food we eat, to the people who grow our food. To me, the beauty is, every time I come back to this country [U.S.A.], there are more farmers markets. There is more commitment to local food supply. Even in the city of New York, people say, ‘We make local food. We grow local food.’ It is an easy step, but it is a very far-reaching step.

-Dr. Vandana Shiva
Vandana Shiva on the Problem with Genetically-Modified Seeds“, 13 July 2012, interview with Bill Moyers.