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“There are a lot of people I’ve heard, many people say, ‘Well anger [is] not helpful.’ Actually anger is helpful, depending on what you do with it. And I think if people actually knew what was happening, they would be really pissed off. They should be.”

Cause marketing is a phenomenon unique, I think, to capitalism, where a company decides that if they just associate with a cause people care about, that buyers care about, they will increase their sales. That’s about the bottom line. Now, I think that [there are] within those companies people who care deeply about what the issue is, but breast cancer is the poster child for cause marketing. There is more of it for breast cancer than any other disease, and I think it’s partly because it’s about breast cancer and women make most of the buying decisions, and we get to say ‘breast’ out loud on public television.”

-Barbara A. Brenner, Executive Director of Breast Cancer Action, Pink Ribbons, Inc.