You let us all go off to war and said “Yay team!”, fightin’ Vietnam and all this kinda shit in 1965 through 1968. Now 1968 comes along and “Boo team, come on home,” and all this shit.

And “Don’t say nothin’ about it, ‘cause we don’t wanna know about it, ‘cause it’s upsetting around dinner time.” Well God damn, it upset me for a whole God damn year. It upset a lot of people to the point where they’re fuckin’ dead. Now you don’t wanna hear about it – I’ll tell you about it every day. Make you sit down and puke on your dinner, ya dig?

Because you got me over there, now you done brought me back here and you wanna forget it so somebody else can go do it somewhere else. Hell no! Now you gonna hear it all, every day, as long as you live, because hey, it’s gonna be with me as long as I live.

-William Marshall, Vietnam veteran, in Hearts and Minds